Pastor Daniel Christie
Senior Pastor

About Daniel


My name is Daniel Christie. I am privileged to be married to a beautiful, God-fearing woman and we have been blessed with two young boys. I have worked for the Lord since 2006 in a variety of roles, from Evangelism to Church Planting to now Pastoring. One of my driving passions as a pastor is helping my church members find their full potential in Christ. I am always amazed to see the power of God’s love transform people from darkness to light. What I love about the Glenvale church is the overwhelming amount of selfless service I see in the members. I’m continuously surrounded by humble people serving the church and the community, motivated by their love for God. The people at Glenvale SDA church are a blessing to know and I hope you get to meet them!

Looking forward to the day our paths cross,


Jacob Boehm
Associate Pastor

About Jacob

Hey there!

I’m the Associate Pastor here at Glenvale SDA Church and I’ve been involved in ministry since 2017. I have grown up in a Christian family and have moved many times around the Pacific and seen God work in many different ways. At the end of the day I am just a guy who is blessed to have the opportunity to tell people about Jesus. I am quite the adrenaline junkie and often spend spare time searching for adventure. Glenvale has been such a welcoming family for me since I moved here in 2022. I hope you come and experience the community we have here and I look forward to meeting you.

Peace and Love,


Laura Westberg
Bible Worker

About Laura


My name is Laura and I am the Bible Worker for Glenvale SDA Church. I’m 22 years old and I’m originally from the USA. A little over a year ago, God made it clear He was calling me to Australia. I’m so glad I answered His call. I’m loving the Aussie way of life!

The first thing you should know about me is I am a huge extrovert. Making new friends is my favourite hobby! I also love to travel. Just this year I finally made it to my sixth, and last, continent! I’ll probably never make to Antarctica, partly because I’m not fond of freezing, but largely because there are no people to meet there and I don’t think penguins will make for good conversationalists.

Anyways, enough about me. I want to hear all about you! Be sure to come for a visit one Saturday morning to say hello and let me know how you feel about visiting Antarctica, or if you think that penguins would indeed be keen for a chat. I’m excited to meet you and I can’t wait to be your friend!


Tim Hannah
Lead Elder

About Tim

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